About the Project

The name of the project ICYDK is an abbreviation for IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW.
In terms of content, the project will focus on improving the understanding of intellectual property and its value. Furthermore, it will strive to raise awareness about the meaning and influence of IP. The priority target group will be the younger generation and the project will focus on the role of intellectual property in their daily lives. The project observations will be based on the results of the analyses (‘European Citizens and Intellectual Property. Perception, Awareness and Behaviour, 2017’ and ‘Intellectual Property and Youth – Scoreboard 2016) carried out by the EUIPO and the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights, which show a worrying trend in relation to the younger generation’s understanding of IP and its role. Accordingly to this survey Slovene young people (unfortunately) scored very highly in practically all questions regarding piracy and counterfeiting. Through the ICYDK project and because of our previous experiences we have very good opportunity to rich young generation and help them understand the complexity of the intellectual property and point them into the right direction. In their own language and activities close to them, we will point out the economic logic of IP and the social impact of infringements.

With the use of various activities, the project will strive to determine how the youngsters come in contact with intellectual property and how they use it (illegal downloading of films, music and photographs). The direct consequences of counterfeiting and piracy will be presented. Furthermore, all the positive effects of the proper intellectual property usage will be shown. The main objective of the project will be to actively engage the youngsters in the presentation so they can better understand how the proper use of IP has a direct impact on their lives. Likewise the project will also show how counterfeiting and piracy can negatively affect their lifestyles. In both cases, the positive and proactive approach will be used.
With the help of the museum’s occasional and permanent exhibitions as well as various newly developed activities, the ICYDK project will focus on all aspects of IP, including:
– copyrights,
– industrial property rights,
– intellectual property rights,
– impact of infringements,
– combating counterfeiting and piracy.
The main goal of the project will be to educate the younger generation about IP while also attempting to influence their understanding and value of it as well as their consequent behaviour.

The main activities of the ICYDK project will be:
– The exhibition and its accompanying program titled When an Idea Becomes Property, Peter Florjančič and Intellectual Property;
– The exhibition and its accompanying program titled Knowledge without Frontiers;
– 12 multimedia presentations focused the topic on intellectual property;
– Short and amusing animated films featuring an important educational message regarding the use and abuse of intellectual property among the youngsters;
– Educational online activities in cooperation with various experts on the topic;
– Monthly newsletters discussing the topic of intellectual property directed at youngsters;
– Promotional campaigns across various channels (TV, radio, internet, social networks) using the tone that will appeal to the younger generation;
– Multiple activities in which the youngsters will be able to participate directly (workshops, contests, quizzes, presentations etc.);
– Guest appearances of both exhibitions elsewhere featuring lectures, discussion panels and various promotional activities.

All the project activities aimed at the younger generation will take place at the Technical Museum of Slovenia (TMS) and its other units (Museum of Post and Telecommunications at Polhov Gradec, the Open Storage in Pivka) and at numerous schools across the country. In order to successfully promote the project and ensure that it reaches the widest possible audience, a high-quality media campaign directed at youngsters will be prepared in cooperation with the Slovenian Press Agency (STA).

Target groups
The project target audience are school children aged from 5 to 18, with a special focus on teenagers aged between 13 and 18.

The main objective of the project is:
– to educate the youngsters about the IP;
– to influence their behaviour and knowledge as well as their value and understanding of IP;
– to encourage the respect of IP as well as raise awareness of its abuse especially online where the youngsters are particularly present and active;
– to encourage the creative and innovative streaks in the youngsters in real life with the focus on the effect of IP.